Welcome to the Digital Toolbox!

The Securitas Toolbox captures our DNA.

It describes who we are and how we work, but also how we engage with our clients and the world around us.

The Digital Toolbox will guide you through seven tools - each tool representing a core principle we live by, every day.

Use scrolling or keyboard arrows to navigate this journey.

World map

Having a shared culture, way of working and language is essential to be able to serve our clients consistently all around the world.

All the figurines

The Toolbox is both the guiding principle for the work we do today, and what helps us realize our ambitions and dreams for tomorrow.

In what year do you think Securitas was founded?


Try again!

A black and white photo of five officers with bikes.

1934, Sweden

The founder of Securitas, Erik Philip Sørensen, established our company when he bought a small guarding company with only three officers.

The Securitas toolbox is about our history, but it's as much about our future.

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